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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 5, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EST

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number of 270 no tossup states. >> brett and i along with panel will be here for special coverage tuesday beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. it is likely to be a long night. the whole fox news political team will be here to guide you through it. thank you so much for being with us, folks. >> good night. >> sean: and the most important election of your lifetime is now only two days away and depending on which campaign you are listening to, this race will be decided by one of two things. either revenge or the love of your country. talk about a tale of two candidates. >> don't boo. vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. >> instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. >> sean: tonight it is becoming increasingly more obvious that more americans plan to side
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with governor mitt romney and plan to do so because they love their country and are downfright frightened at the direction we are headed under this president's failed policies. i will check in with governor sarah palin about the controversial revenge vote strategy. and later on newt gingrich will join me. let's look at that the momentum seems to be on the side of team romney. a series of polls out of a number of swing states. first we start in colorado according to it the latest rasmussen survey romney is leading obama 50 to 47%. the governor finds himself on top in the unlikely swing state of minnesota. he leads there 46-45. and then there is michigan where the obama campaign is relentlessly spread lies about governor romney's position on the gm bailout and propaganda there has not worked and the governor is now tied with president obama and then, of course, the great state of ohio where the latest polls show that romney and the president are in a dead heat. and on the eve of mitt romney's planned visit to pennsylvania,
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a "tribune review" survey shows that both candidates are now locked at 47%. now, this explosive development has caused team obama to hit the panic button and are now scrambling to save the state that holds for them what they believe is the keys to the white house for the president and that means calling on the one and only former president bill clinton. he is headed to the keystone state. he has four events coming up tomorrow. but will it be enough? is pennsylvania really in play for governor romney? here to answer those questions and more the architect of george w. bush two successful presidential campaigns fox news contributor, we will see a lot of you in the next week. how are you doing? >> i will be sleeping incidentally under the table here tonight. >> you can have the keys to my office. it's all yours. >> you have a comfortable couch i understand. >> sean: i'm looking at the polls like everyone else here in america and for those that say they know, i think it is hopeful dark you know, wishful thinking. but i do feel there is still
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momentum for governor romney. thoughts? >> first of all, let's did divorce the national polls from the state polls. the national polls point to a a very close contest. as of 8:00 tonight in the last seven days starting last monday through 8:00 tonight there have been 23 national polls. romney leads in 7. obama leads in five. 11 are tied. romney leads with 50% or more in one of them. obama leads with 50% or more in one of them. the average, average them all together, 48.2 for romney. 48.0 for obama. >> sean: so it is even. >> a couple of minor things. let's watch and see what the gallup says tomorrow. gallup has been out of commission since sandy hit the east coast. they went back into the field late last week and they will finish polling tonight and release it tomorrow. see what the likely voter number says among gallup. when we last saw it, i believe it was four points at 51-47 and we will see where that is.
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>> sean: do you you think sandy had impact? i guess we will find out in the gallup poll because governor romney was 50% for 15, 16 days in a row before they stopped. interestingly there was a moment where i think the president got a little momentum because he went in and looked all presidential. if you look at long island and new jersey and new york if you want to get gasoline, it is four hours wait. people without electricity. people freezing. no -- really no government presence. >> and look, american people are seeing this. we are likely to -- it took a couple of days to bake in the positive. it will take a couple of days to bake in the negative. >> sean: may not show up in the polling before the election. >> it will be there and whatever minor advantage he received will be washed away. the biggest advantage he had was the intangible of it took attention away from the campaign and from discussion of debt and deficits and spending and joblessness and anemic growth and the affordable care act. >> sean: i could not believe
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when i saw the president talking about revenge. that is the best revenge versus how governor romney, you know, i'm asking people to do what s best for their country. >> that was deeply revealing. look, we he have seen several moments of him during this campaign where he said something spontaneous and it has been deeply revealing. you didn't build that and how to this one. the best -- you know, he is not a happy warrior. the democratic party used to be the party of hubert humphrey and jfk and the happy warrior. the in estimates would have been to take the booing and turning it into something positive. the president's response he is is angry and pushing hisser in the air and looking sideways and look mean and angry and saying let's get some revenge. i thought that was deeply revealing. >> sean: one thing i notice in the closing speeches is governor romney clearly s targeting some states that people didn't think would be in play but also independents with a very uplifting evidence.
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seems the president is trying to rally his base in the final moments of the campaign. >> i think that is right. each campaign has a different model for the election. the democratic is let's just appeal to the new coalition of blacks, browns, young people, angry liberals and tear down romney, that is the way to get elected. and romney is saying i need to have a plan for the future and rally the country together and get as many democrats and in dehe pendents as i possibly can to join in the republican base. >> sean: the two things revealing to me is intensity. independents seem to be going in big numbers a reversal in 2008. they are going governor romney. so me that should be the deciding advantage even in a close race. let's go through this. north carolina, florida, virginia. are you comfortable? >> look, in the realclearpolitics average which is a lagging indicator all three of those states plus indiana are comfortably out of the obama column where they were in '08 and into the
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republican column. >> sean: what do you make of michigan, minnesota, pennsylvania and wisconsin? really in play? >> wisconsin obviously is. i do think there is something real. you know, full disclosure i'm involved with american crossroads and we are are spending over $2 million in pennsylvania with television. we could have taken that money and plunged it into the existing battleground states. there is a real opportunity there and moved without the benefit of campaign activity. >> sean: you were attacked by paul krugman as having benefited financially, et cetera. >> i saw that. he wrote a piece in which he claimed that the reason i was involved in american crossroads is because i was a shrewd businessman and lining my pockets. i'm not against making money out of politics. he didn't bother to pick up the phone and call my office and say is mr. rove receiving
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any remuneration. >> so it is a lie? >> i won't say it is a lie. he was a paid consultant to enron but he is a sloppy journalist. the kind of slap dashed a how many nintendo attack. he used to be interesting and now just writes a column that he doesn't bother are to pick up the phone and say is karl rove designing a salary. i'm proud to be a volunteer as are millions of others helping to change the country. >> sean: with ohio it seems like romney is up in colorado. >> don't gloss over ohio. as of last night in the early and absentee balloting, 108,000 republicans have already voted. 108,000 more republicans railroad voted than voted four years ago. 155,000 pure democrats vote thed as of last night. >> sean: that makes up the '08 difference right there.
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>> that is 263,000. obama won by 262,000. democrats traditionally win the early voting early and absentee and lose on election day. >> sean: you sound confident about ohio? >> it is a coin toss. i mean i do think this. i think there is something going on out there and we he saw it in the des moines register poll today. you're right, the intense sit on the republican side. there is something else there. the woman who runs the des moines register poll who knows that state intimately said wait a minute, obama is ahead but 5% of our sample said we have a choice and we are not telling you who it is. i doubt those people are for obama. >> sean: new hampshire tied. wisconsin tied. pennsylvania tied. wisconsin tied. michigan tied and minnesota one point race. going to be a fun night on tuesday. >> doug: and nevada close. >> sean: and same thing there with early voting. >> a little more complicated picture there but the republicans are in the hunt there. >> sean: prediction? i stand by what i said thursday
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not the "wall street journal." i think it will be close which is 51-48 which could be a two to two and a half point race and romney gets 279 to 281 or 286 in the electoral college. >> i think it is a two paint race or three paint race. karl rove good to see you. we will be watching all election night. is history repeating itself. the images of long lines. by the way, five hours on long island. rationing of gas in new jersey. the obama presidency is looking a lot like jimmy carter's. remember how the carter years ended? and what did the president mean when said that voters should vote out of revenge? we will check in with governor palin and much more, straight ahead. these fellas used capital one venture miles for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use...
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the comparison has been made in the past there are new examples of the erie similarities that exist between these two men. we talk in great length about their inability to do their jobs but what about endless lines of cars at gas stations all over the northeast. rationing rules were instituted in new jersey that were virtually identical to the ones
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americans endured under carter. that is one of the many likenesses between obama and carter seen here at home. when it comes to foreign policy we are operating from a position of weakness mirrored only by the one we witnessed under the cater administration. despite countless warnings about pending violence in benghazi an american diplomat and three others were killed in a pre-meditated act of terrorism in september. that was the first time an ambassador had been killed since 1979 when adolph hubs was assassinated and it was under the moniker of the worst president. it could have been all said and done on tuesday. with reaction former presidential candidate former house speaker newt gingrich. >> i know maybe psome people would think it was presidential.
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all weekend long i watched what was happening. 3, 4, 5 hours on average people trying to wait to get gas. >> people are without power people were without heat going down to 20 degrees in the east. you saw little help after the president came in hugged chris christie and left for his photo op. will this have a lagging effect? >> i think the president would have been better off to have stayed and served as commander-in-chief and expedited moving resources and capabilities resources in new york. having a photo op may turnout by the time we get to tuesday biting pretty hard because there are a lot of people realizing these things aren't getting saul solved very fast. >> the anger is palpable. it is real.
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there is violence. there are people scared to death. people are fearing they are going to die is what they are saying when they are out there in the streets according to chuck schumer. >> this disaster remind us the department of homeland security on a bipartisan basis is incompetent. the congress ought to thoroughly and deeply over all capacity to deal with real crises. the purpose of department of homeland security recently was to deal with nuclear events the ideal model was to be strong enough and robust enough to respond to three nuclear events in the same day. it is clear from hurricane katrina and hurricane sandy this is a passing slow incompetent
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bureaucracy utterly overwhelmed it in new orleans. what it does to president obama we as a nation need to demand a very, very dramatically over hauled department. as to obama's situation i think he probably peaked about three hours after chris christie you go hugged him. he looked bipartisan looked like the commander-in-chief. he was doing the president's job not the candidate's job. it is accelerated by this absurd comment about the revenge. i am sure the president will take it back as he could. it is so jarringly destructive and i think it sent such a bad signal to most americans about how small minded and mean spirited president obama was capable at times. >> i was stunned at the revenge
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comment. mitt romney hit the right cone said no i am running for the american people. let me run this again. i want to run them side by side. it is so glaring the difference. you can see in their closing arguments here the president is on the attack trying to energize his base. mitt romney is appealing to independents. independents have seen the polls voting for mitt romney. look at the difference between the two. >> don't boo, vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. instead i asked the american people to vote for the love of country. >> what a difference. >> only uttering a bitter
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divisive class warfare and ethnically driven campaign. that is his only hoper of survival. the tragedy is every time he is mean and nasty like that he drives away women and independents who are the core to his winning. by contrast i think he is grown in this stuff he is a bigger man today than he was 6 months ago. i think he talks more like a national leader not a party leader. i think his response today was perfect. ellis the elephant want everybody to vote. she didn't say every republican. every american. even if you and i were to lose in which everybody proudly voted as citizens than to have some kind of deeply bitterly divisive thing. obama is setting up if he does
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manage to scrape through he is setting up a hard second term because of the meanness and nastiness of his campaign. >> seems very close. thoughts? >> i am with karl but more bullish. i think it ends up 53-47, 300 electoral votes and we win the senate. i have always been an optimist. i said that with ronald reagan. >> i agree with your observation that especially the closing arguments in the debates. you may be responsible for him becoming such a good debater i think governor romney has grown dramatically. it is different than the comments in revenge verses the country is amazing. >> good to see you mr. speaker. >> next governor sarah palin and the president is asking voters who do they trust? the new poll has the answer. i am sure it's not the won the president was hoping to hear.
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>> do you see what president obama said today? he asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge.
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>> don't boo, vote, voting is the betts revenge. >> instead i ask the american people to vote for love of country. >> it was the lathes rnc ad highlighting the president's negative comment. governor sarah palin welcome back. revenge against who do you think? >> revenge is a poor tool to build a united hope filled nation and for a president to encourage any one to exact revenge is pretty much the antithesis of what mitt romney is representing and standing for in this election. great question revenge. >> this argue uchlt beyond the president being negative and obviously piling to the base
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governor romney appeal to go independents. i am watching the president it is such a dramatic difference from the guy in 2008, now he is running big bird and bayonets and calling romney a bser and romnesia and ulf this negativity. it is such a different tone. one of the crowds are in some cases 10, 15, 20 times smaller. with that said the polls are close. whatever poll you are looking at whatever swing state we are looking at here it looks very, very close. how do you interpret them. >> i think the polls are showing it's corrupt mainstream media had so protected and so intim e intimately in this election cycle these months allowing the american public to actually hear what barack obama is planning to
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do with your country. the prolong has been what he just did to us. the masses, what it is the stats are what they are with unemployment numbers and downgraded credit ratings and inflation on the horizon all of those things that are so bad for our country we will get more of the same in the next four years and the corrupt media didn't allow the american voters to really see what the contrast was in romney's campaign until the unfiltered forums finally came about and that was the debate. >> it is pretty interesting. you seem very confident. you seem more optimistic than karl and me. you are with newt. you think this is going to be a very good night early?
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>> i am very optimistic. i am not going to predict this one, shawn. as you say everything is so close. the voters the viewers the readers the listeners are more interested instead of all of the baseball things and the bun dits like to talk about the polls they want to hear more about the stories that have been ignored by the corrupt media that have greater repercussions than the polls who is up and who is down with it. those stories have to do with benghazi and the cover up. they have to do with the enthusiastically acceptance of barack obama through the foreign sources of campaign contributions because campaign is accepting. there are a lot of things going on in this campaign season that are being ignored and that's a shame because people need to -- they have to do that you aeir o homework and figure out themselves what is going on with
4:30 am
aspects of the campaign. >> the final states that have come into play if you watch axle rod this is desperation meanwhile they are sending bill clinton into pennsylvania tomorrow. i don't know if it's real but there is a tightening in the midwest. michigan you have governor romney up by one or tied and even minnesota very tight in ohio. pennsylvania and the fact that they have moved so heavily senate bill clinton in there for stops tomorrow the ad the rnc has put out it's okay to vote for change and make a change. seems very effective. >> rack that up and roll it. >> president obama came to the white house with big plans. half the deficit, strengthen economy, lower unemployment. what did we get? national debt over 15 trillion
4:31 am
and climbing. unemployment about 8 percent for 40 straight months. ongoing economic crisis with no end? sight. he tried, you tried. it is okay to make a change. >> the republican national committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> this to me is it, 25 million unemployed, one in six in poverty and six trillion in debt. it's not any more complicated than that for me. why is he even close after all of the promises cut the deficit in half et cetera. as i said there is going to be more of the same if he were re-elected. the status quo has to go. america cannot afford four more years of this. in some states they were written off by conservatives it speaks to this idea of a campaign never
4:32 am
giving up on any state. hanging in there and respecting the vote of every single american in every state maybe not just 8 important swing states but every american exercising their right their duty their responsibility to vote for who they want as their leader. for the campaigns to not give up anywhere. >> we will be seeing you. thank you for being with us. >> coming up the president is asking americans who do they trust. judging by the lathes polls he will not like the answers. ryan prooef have yous is on the way. he will talk about why americans lost faith in president obama. coming up.
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>> after four years as president you know me. part of this election is not just about policy. it is also about who do you
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trust? >> who do you trust when somebody says republicans their plan is for dirty air and dirty water or a party that says they want to throw grandma over the cliff or a president who says kids with autism and down syndrome and the elderly the repub caps want them to fend for themselves. who do they trust? not you. when asked who they trust to do a better job on the economy an overwhelming majority said mitt romney. 53-42 percent. when it comes to wouho they tru to handle the deficit? romney. when asked who has the right experience to when it comes to run the country, romney also won. with numbers like that the president better pray if it is anything about the economy should not be the economy.
4:38 am
brian, how are you? >> i am doing great. i am in new hampshire. doing well up here, too. the president talks about trust but it is coming down to is americans want a people who can do something special. we are tired of the president who wants to be somebody special. i get a sense that people aren't willing to trade in the vision of our founding fathers for a european nightmare. our volunteers are charged up. we are fighting for something big. let's take a look at ohio seems there are many ways. wisconsin is in play. we have democrat early votes from again an advantage with early votes in ohio. democratic early votes are down
4:39 am
154,911. gop added 108,000 votes. and you have got 263,000 swing in the gop favor which is a little over 1,000 above what the margin of obama victory was in 08. historically republicans tend to vote in ohio on election day in larger number than democrats. every poll shows the state dead even for the most part. reaction? >> first of all you hit the nail on the head. i heard the earlier segment with karl he had the numbers right as well. he wrote a book on this. we are trying to put together an unprecedented ground game. we are far, far ahead of where we were in 08. they were far behind from where they were. on top of that when it comes to voter contact individual volunteers calling their friend
4:40 am
people going door to door we will make more of those contracts on the ground in ohio in places like wisconsin, iowa, new shaf new hampshire. all of that in all of 08 and all of 04 combined. tomorrow shawn i will be in iowa. guess what? i am going to be in minnesota. paul ryan was in minnesota tonight. what does it tell you? we have a tie in new hampshire? we have a tie in michigan, we have a tie in minnesota. we are going back to minnesota tomorrow. we have a tie in pennsylvania. >> and wisconsin. >> i will be honest. >> the advantage is usually the incumbent. everybody prefers it is not a tie. in michigan, minnesota erg you
4:41 am
know can happen and what the trajectory. remember four years ago barack obama in indiana is driving us crazy. they are going to win on tuesday and it is going to be a great night for everyone that is interested in getting liberty and freedom back in order. >> i would like to see axle rod without his mustache. >> we are going to win, shawn. we are going to have a good night. >> thank you for being with us. coming up we asked obama supporter brichl arvedson if he thinks america is now better off than it was four years ago. bill maher plays the race card. also it is all over twitter racial comments. we are going to play you this his disgusting comments and more. coming up straight ahead.
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>> this is a fox news lart. governor mitt romney is in new jersey. to listen to the speech fully go to former governor is with us. welcome back. >> thank you. nice to be with you. >> maybe you can explain to me president obama. he ran on hope and change, new tone civility. this is a guy saying republicans their plan is dirty air, dirty water throwing granny over the cliff and kids with autism and downed syndrome elderly defend for themselves. what did he mean best revenge? revenge against who? >> who is he talking to? >> well, sean i am not going to trash republicans. i am not going to trash -- >> i am not asking you to.
4:47 am
i want to know what the revenge comment meant. >> no. what he was simply saying is the time has come to make a decision who can stand for middle class security. >> let's play the cut. let's clarify all of this. what he is saying is go out and revenge. here's what he said. >> apparently we don't have it loaded. >> i did hear it. i did hear it. what he said basically is the best option is to vote. >> here is what he said. here it is. >> don't boo, vote. voted. voting is the best revenge. >> instead i ask the american people to vote for love of country. >> oo voting is the best revenge or vote for the love of country. what happened to the president who lectures us on tone and
4:48 am
civility and words that the people in tucson that we make them proud of. what happened to him? >> this is a president that is going to bring this country together. what you are seeing shawn is his response -- he was presidential. he took charge. this enormously devastate storm he brought the country together and agencies together. he was there when people needed him. >> governor you are not living here. i am living here. united to wayou have to wait fi hours in line tore for gas. they are scared to death. there is no help here. i am telling you. i live in the northeast. he came in got his photo op. there is no gasoline here. everybody is waiting 5 hours in line for gasoline. i will roll some tape of it. >> we are going to die.
4:49 am
we are going to freeze. we have 90-year-old people. >> i will have the food this afternoon. >> we have no car. don't you see. we need -- president obama please listen to us down here. we are going to die. you don't understand. you have to get your trucks here with the oil. now. this is three-days. >> five hours to wait for gas governor. it is 29 degrees tonight in new york. people are freezing. they have no heat. they have no lights, they have no power and it's a week later. photo op and we haven't seen nor heard from him again. >> sean, we have to feel for these people. but the emergency response of fema, they are trying to get the gas there. ask governor crist tee. ask mayor bloomberg. ask the surrounding local officials, the president led and he did it with class, he did it
4:50 am
in a nonpolitical way. >> that was a week ago. he got his photo op and left town. he went gabbing to vegas. >> this is a very hotly contested race. what will decide this race now is the ground game. i have as many attis ticks as an american of the public party on voter lowing sleighs. i just gust in florida and i saw the campaign offices of barack obama a new pole significance. four years ago it was young people out trying to change the country. i am going to predict we will narrowly win florida. i think it will bes hispanic states near me, colorado, nevada. >> i will take the florida.
4:51 am
>> let me ask you one last question do you think reagan said with fewer americans working when they took office 1-6 in poverty 17 million more of americans on today stamps. 6 trillion in debt. are you going to say we were better off than a year ago. the president has created 5.7 nobs after a month mt. 800,000 emotion of god. >> i thing you would use the receipt tick of resing voting. sploetling. i appreciate you being hasn'ter, i hough
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4:55 am
>> not many democrats appear they are in trouble. they have no card left to play but the race card for some. the president's supporters are trying to hide behind their so-called jokes. he is making controversial comments. he said he was joking and kidding. lathes example comes to us courtesy of the million dollar donor to barack obama bill
4:56 am
maher. i would just like to say for any one thinking about voting for mitt romney, if you are thinking about it i would like to make this one place. black people know who you are. they will come after you. kidding. >> i am kidding. >> here is reaction fox news political analyst juan williams the author of backlash. there was switchy michelle malcolm catches all of the tweets. if my candidate doesn't win i am going to riot. i don't like the stereo typical comments. don't you find that offense i have? >> it is outrageous what is going on. the left is getting desperate. where is the black liberal establishment with this chatter we are hearing on twitter about inciting race violence if romney
4:57 am
wins and obama loses. did you see all of those? >> they are horrible. >> there are people who will say anything on twitter, on the internet. i could show you my mail bag. it is pretty horrible. i am telling you guys. if you think it's a sign of desperation on the left, i think the right is getting desperate. colin powell just endorses obama baez he's another black guy? >> the bottom line is the left can do what they say whenever they want with the horrible comments. with the james lowrie he's a bitter old man who made racist and hateful comments. >> i got to know him. he marched with martin luther king. he was there with may yard ja--d
4:58 am
jackson. we have always had a good give and take. he has never spoken like that before. i have never heard him speak like that. >> i don't know if he is older. >> he didn't say it. let me say he has issues. >> he is quoted as saying it. >> it is not a quote. >> this is -- even the mayor was shocked and they were caught off guard. the pastor of the church. they tried to vote for it. >> i have known him for years. never. >> honestly i was shocked. >> mill bar the million dollar man the guy who said all of the controversial things i still sent president obama out there to vote for the female vote to
4:59 am
take a million dollars from a guy who uses the c word against governor palin and worse for others. he should have said i don't want that money. >> sure. i think he is definitely mu culpable on some of the statements he made. people say he is mass soiog nis. let me say what do you do with people who say things like oh tar baby or obama is really not an american. >> you called him out on it. >> who is going to win? >> it is very close. i heard you earlier intensity will push romney ahead. tanks very -- >> blue collar workers especially the battle ground state we have coal miners lo


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